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Transported to the hospital by limousine after illness due to a lack of an ambulance: Béatrice Picard is doing better

Victim of an illness that put her in the hospital last Saturday, Béatrice Picard has returned home with a new philosophy: slow down if she wants to achieve her ultimate goal: “To play until the age of 100 and not in a wheelchair to sit.”

“It’s okay, I’ll stay here for a long time. It was a bit of revision. They cheered me up in the hospital,” assures Béatrice Picard, 94, enthusiastically, together with Le Journal.

During the senior mass in Saint-Jérôme last Saturday, the actress had a weakness. It was Doctor François Marquis – whom we recently saw on the program Sortez-moi d’ici – who was by her side at the time and told her to go to the hospital when she said: “I think it’s not in order.” “

And in a minister’s car (the official limousine of the Minister of Health and Senior Citizens, Sonia Bélanger), the actress was taken to the nearest hospital, because that was actually faster than waiting for the ambulance (an hour to an hour and a half). half waiting time) to get to the hospital.

“It happened so quickly that I can’t really remember it,” says Béatrice Picard, laughing. The actress also confided to Mario Dumont that the minister “was not happy and that she even went to the Saint-Jérôme hospital to complain”.

Béatrice Picard spent 24 hours in hospital where several tests and checks on her pacemaker were carried out.

“If I’m not careful at my age, you get tired quicker. We go beyond our strengths and our heart debate. This has been beneficial for me because it allows me to tell myself: be careful, take less or take the time to slow down. “It’s like an old crap truck pulling into the garage,” she continues with her typical sneer.

  • Béatrice Picard was at the QUB Radio microphone to talk about her youth in tortured Quebec QUB radio :


The actress – who dubbed the voice of Marge Simpson for 33 seasons – has several projects in the works, including shows with pianist Philippe Prud’homme, then “one-man band” Jean-Jacques Bourdeau and his girlfriend Marie-Josée Longchamps, which stages texts by Quebec authors. Everything for 2024, “so I have to be in shape,” breathes the one who does not hesitate to “wake up the older ones”.

“I tell them to have plans and fight to keep their place, not tell them you’re too old. If I want to do something, give me the space to do it. We leave room for young people, we also have to leave room for older people. Just because I reach a certain age doesn’t mean I have to stay at home in a wheelchair. »

Transported to the hospital by limousine after illness due to