Travaglio to La7 Is Salvinis deputy calling the German government

Travaglio to La7: “Is Salvini’s deputy calling the German government a Nazi?” Bullshit that means…

Travaglio to La7 Is Salvinis deputy calling the German government

“The deputy of Salvini, Andrea CrippaCompare that The Germany of Olaf Scholz with that of Adolf Hitler? Note the cliché that Germans are Nazis. So if it had been a Scottish politician, would you have called him a miser? Or if he had been a Turkish politician, would he have said he was a chain smoker? We are at the level of a cavemanwhat they refer to the pathetic value of this political class and a situation of desperate difficulty the government majority.” So one Half past eight (La7) the director of Marco Travaglio does it every day comments on the recent excursion of the deputy secretary of the leaguewho was already the protagonist of an embarrassing gaffe towards the director Egyptian Museum (“Maybe he wanted to get rid of him because the museum houses too many people Immigrant mummiesjokes Travaglio).

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Meloni government, Lofano (Agi) praises the successes and the “Plan for Africa”. And Cacciari stands up: “But that’s crazy, you’re in complete bad faith.” On La7

The director of Il Fatto adds: “They won the elections by saying the fun was over for Europe, now they have to explain to us why.” The fun is over for us. They claimed they had an infallible recipe for making migrants disappear, noting that the number of migrants was almost three times higher than previous governments. So they have to think of something. And what do they invent? The easiest: instead of dealing with countries like France and Germany in Europewho already have a very big responsibility because no one disputes that they are smart, They kick them and spit in their faces. But you have to talk to them instead, otherwise the negotiation is already an uphill battle.”

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“Sea blockade immediately.” “Prevent the boats from leaving.” “Sink the NGO boats.” This is what Giorgia Meloni spoke | The video blob

And he concludes: “Since they have nothing to replace the propaganda with which they won the elections, They declare war on France one day and on Germany another day. I think a Lega or Meloni voter wonders whether there is any point in insulting Scholz or comparing the German government with that of Hitler. I don’t think it helps. So, I think ultimately it’s these statements a boomerang, as well as nonsense. Among other things – he notes – today only 5% of migrants who land in Italy arrive on NGO ships. If someone wanted to campaign in Crippa’s place, they would have to say to the Germans: “Do you want to pay the NGOs?” Very good. “Those who arrive with your NGOs take you to Germany.” That would still be propaganda, but would at least be minimally consistent with Crippa’s nonsense, which leaves whatever time he can find, whatever it discredits the country it comes from“.