Trip to Tarifa the European destination where there is no

Trip to Tarifa: the European destination where there is no winter SiViaggia

Where the Mediterranean flows into the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most fascinating places in Andalusia, the “windy city”, lies just 14 kilometers from Tangier, the “southernmost point” of Europe, where summer reigns.

It's about Tarifa, the exciting city between the European and African continents that you should see at least once in your life. The reasons? 10 kilometer White beachesoptimal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, a rich historical center, excellent tapas bars and restaurants, modern windmills and lots of sun.

The historic heart of Tarifa: the stops not to be missed

We begin our journey to discover Tarifa with a walk through the historic heart, the “Old Town”, which can be reached by crossing Puerto Jerezthe only surviving door Avenida Andalucia: Here, between the typical Andalusian white houses, the flower-decorated courtyards and the iron balconies, the first thing you notice is the Church of San Mateoa small Gothic-style church from the 15th century, the quiet Plaza de Santa Maria, where the City hall in Andalusian stylechurch of the same name This is the oldest in the city and that star-shaped fountain eight-pointed, and then to the main attraction, the magnificent Guzman Castlein 960 by the Caliph of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman III. commissioned.

It is open daily and offers priceless views of the sea and the nearby coast of Africa from the top of the walls.

It is also worth highlighting that the city center is connected to Isla de las Palomas by a footpath that allows you to walk exactly inside junction between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, a truly exciting experience: here two circular installations mark the separation and help make the route even more impressive, such as: Santa Catalina CastleBuilt in 1929.

The charm of the surroundings

The area around Tarifa doesn't disappoint either: eight kilometers away, for example Mirador de Strechothe best observation point where on the clearest days it almost looks like you are “touching Africa”.

And then what? archaeological site of Baelo Claudia, 22 kilometers northwest, reachable by car in about twenty minutes? Overlooking the sea, here are the remains of an ancient Roman city from the 2nd century BC. BC, in which the theater, the forum, the temples, the market and the basilica can still be clearly seen.
In addition, the building in which it was made has been preserved GarumFish sauce that the Romans used to flavor dishes, and there is a museum where you can get detailed information about the excavations.

The beaches, the paradise of Tarifa

A history of Tarifa could never be complete without thinking about it white beaches with fine sanda paradise for beach holidays in a summer that never ends.

The most popular because they are right in the city Playa Chica And Playa de los Lances: The first is a small 400 meter long beach a stone's throw from Isla de Palomas, which is the best equipped, while the second, reachable on foot from the center, is the largest in the area.

But they are certainly not the only ones.

If you move away a little, it opens Playa Rio Jara where at high tide a 50 centimeter pool of water is created, perfect for the little ones, while it is 5 kilometers away Playa dos Mareswhere you can practice water sports all year round.

Nevertheless, at 6 kilometers it provides unforgettable moments Playa Arte Vidaideal for kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing and nothing less Playa de Valdevaqueroscharacterized by several kilometers of sand dunes.

Finally the most beautiful beach in Andalusia: it is it Playa Bolonia4 kilometers of golden and pristine beach, guarded by the Roman ruins of the Baelo Claudia archaeological site, an earthly paradise where the largest sand dune in Europe rises to the north.