Triple H disappointed with some corporate returns! Not insignificant details on the file! – Info Battle – Info Battle

A little over two months ago, a good source revealed that some talent who have returned to WWE since the summer have disappointed Triple H and others internally.

Today is a second source to reveal that they learned this information has been significantly downplayed within WWE in the weeks since. A source reportedly said Triple H couldn’t say that out loud, even if he meant it.

A member of the creative team said no one in WWE expected returning wrestlers to go straight to the top of the map.

Another source familiar with the matter says Triple H felt it was important to add more depth to both the RAW and SmackDown rosters and as a result many wrestlers were brought back.

It’s also been said on Fightful that Triple H wants every Superstar to be a little more over the top every time they return to an arena.

Many of the returning Superstars have been told that roster depth is very important in bringing them back.

This question of depth was immediately raised by the creative team during the Triple H acquisition, as anyone watching the Smackdown and RAW shows could see that the shows were pretty much the same week after week.

Fightful concludes by saying that this story has been shelved until yesterday in the PLE Elimination Chamber, where Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed’s performances were said to “show their true worth when given the opportunity.”