Trudeau Jr wants to finish the work of Trudeau Sr

Trudeau Jr. wants to finish the work of Trudeau Sr. –

Richard Martineau recently asked me a question that has never left me.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” Richard began, but could it be that…

What could be?

To plan

That the Trudeau government's official immigration goals, which are delusional and involve giving up all or almost all control over who enters Canada, have a precise goal, fully assumed, obviously not formulated: the minoritization of French-speaking Quebec, it is said programmed Marginalization until it becomes a simple curiosity.

It would ultimately be the completion of Trudeau senior's project, for which the French-speaking difference brought with it intolerance and authoritarianism and had to be fought.

Is it so crazy to believe that the son wants to finish the father's work using the means and rhetoric of his time? NO.

Let's look at the facts.

Trudeau senior viewed Quebec nationalism as regressive and dangerous tribalism.

The adoption of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, giving maximum effect to individual rights, was their main tool against Quebec.

A single person, just one person, could from now on go to court to invalidate a Quebec law aimed at asserting a collective right, such as that of a, under the pretext that their individual rights were being violated people to take measures to protect their identity.

To this barrier, Trudeau's son is now adding another strongly structuring measure: the demographic flood.

Let's first take the official immigration forecasts for the next three years: 1.5 million people.

Canadian banking economists all say this is unsustainable.

Where should they be housed in the current context?

How can we take care of them, how can we raise their children appropriately, when these offers are already bursting at the seams everywhere?

You will not find any reputable study that believes this is manageable, nor that it is the primary solution to labor shortages (cyclical and local) or aging.

But these official numbers don't take into account the wrong students, the wrong refugees, the wrong tourists and the wrong temporary workers.

Trudeau had been warned by his own officials not to proceed. Yet he did it. Despite all odds.

It is pathetic today to read the shameful comments of those who until recently were the apostles of an ever better and more harmonious coexistence.


Which brings us back to Richard's question: Why this stubbornness from Trudeau?

To realize his fantasy of a “post-national” state? Yes, perhaps he sees himself as the leader of a large-scale scientific experiment unprecedented in the West.

But when we see that he rejects all of Quebec's demands, even though they are perfectly moderate and reasonable, we cannot help but think that he has a special grudge against him.

You don't have to look far to find out where it comes from.

The difference with his father is that he did not hide his contempt. The son smiles and says wind.

But the ultimate goal is the same.