Trudeau must not be intimidated by threats from China and

Trudeau must not be intimidated by threats from China and do as Australia does

There is no doubt in my mind that the Chinese Communist Party, given its close ties to the Liberal Party, wanted the Trudeau Foundation to be central to its infiltration into Canadian politics. There was no better way to put influential agents in key positions to inform Beijing and sway Canadian politics in its favour.

The secret services understood this and for a long time tried unsuccessfully to draw the attention of Justin Trudeau and his entourage to what was happening. It took a brave CSIS agent to decide, at the risk of ruining his career and going to jail, to go to the Globe and Mail and “leak” “top secret” documents suggesting Chinese interference proven.

Since then, Trudeau has been trying by all means to mitigate the scandal because he can no longer suppress it. Like hiring a Chinese sympathizer, David Johnston, to cover the meddling of the country with which he has close ties. All the same! It has to be done!

A slap on the wrist in Beijing

Now, after more than a week of hesitation, the Trudeau administration has finally pulled on its pants and sacked the Chinese diplomat who is the focus of alleged threats against Chinese-born Conservative MP Michael Chong and his family.

As Chong said, it’s too little, too late: “It should have happened years ago.” In retaliation, China expelled the Canadian consul in Shanghai. I don’t think Beijing will go any further. Canada should. This is an excellent time for the Trudeau government to act.

He must not be intimidated by threats of Chinese trade retaliation. China will hesitate to impose economic sanctions on Canada. Its exports are declining, as are its imports. The world’s second largest economy is struggling to recover from the pandemic. And global demand for Chinese products is also weak due to runaway inflation and the looming recession among its key partners. Not the right time for a trade war with Western countries.

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Be inspired by Australia

Justin Trudeau must ban donations from foreign companies to Canadian political parties or politicians, as demanded by opposition parties and many experts. That’s what Australia is doing.

And why isn’t there a register of foreign agents in Canada where they have to state which country they work for and what their destination is? The United States and Australia, among others, do this. Our universities should also inform Ottawa of any agreements with foreign states or their associated teaching and research institutions.

Democracies must stand together before China. It’s time to stand up to her: her economy is dead.

Canberra and Beijing have just reached a partial agreement on Chinese sanctions on Australian products worth an estimated $20 billion a year.

China needs Australia as a trading partner that benefits without jeopardizing its values.

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