1707822750 True Nature Is Marthe Laverdiere preparing to leave the stage

“True Nature”: Is Marthe Laverdière preparing to leave the stage?

The gardener and storyteller Marthe Laverdière told Jean-Philippe Dion on Sunday evening The true naturethat she multiplied projects in the media sector for a single reason.

And as soon as your goal is reached, you say “ciao bye”.

“I want a rest home on the south coast for disabled children. “When the goal is reached, you won’t see me anymore,” she told the host.

“I'm not saying I won't write anymore, but I still have to collect an amount and when I get it, I've had it,” continued the successful author, who is currently touring with her solo exhibition “Marthe Laverdière”. put on a show!

The comic storyteller's public career has exploded in recent years thanks to her horticultural vignettes, which have been shared widely on social media and viewed thousands of times.

True Nature Is Marthe Laverdiere preparing to leave the stage

Jean-Philippe Dion received Luce Dufault, Marthe Laverdière and Dominic Paquet at the chalet on February 11th. Photo provided by TVA

The owner of Serres Li-Ma and businesswoman, who had involuntarily become a horticultural influencer, quickly set up a foundation with her family to help families with a child with a disability, among which she, little Jeanne's grandmother, suffers from atypical Rett syndrome.

“I hated the woman I was made of”

Before her rise in the media world, Marthe Laverdière experienced a darker time.

“I was a person who wanted to be successful, and in business there were really no feelings,” she told Jean-Philippe Dion, who asked her about her entrepreneurial journey.

“I had no room for error and it caused me major depression. Until a certain moment, the Marthe businesswoman, the Marthe who knows everything, the good mother, the good lover; it was too much. I hated the woman I had become,” she said.

“When everyone else was sleeping at night, I would get up and cry,” she continued, admitting that she tried to hide her depression from those close to her in order to heal herself.

“I think what caught my attention was the fact that I had experienced what I had experienced and what you see there is that, and I think people need to see that. “I'm glad “To have experienced it.”

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