Trump brags about his criminal record saying it helps 39win

Trump brags about his criminal record, saying it helps 'win black votes'


Trump responds to 91 crimes (video)

The antiracism organization says it's not the first time Trump has compared blackness to crime and clarified that “we have nothing in common.” The former president faces 91 counts on four counts, ranging from tax evasion to inciting the invasion of the Capitol to attempting to rig the last election.

Former President Donald Trump boasted on the eve of the South Carolina primary, in which he, as predicted, defeated his Republican opponent Nikky Haley, that his legal challenges he faces 91 criminal charges in four separate cases would be brought against him “embraced” by black people.

“And then I was charged a second time, a third time and a fourth time. A lot of people said that black people like me because they were seriously hurt and discriminated against. They really saw me as if I was being discriminated against,” assured the billionaire.

“I am accused by you, the black people,” Trump added with great shamelessness.

A flattery that was rejected by the most important antiracism organization in the USA, the NAACP [Associação Nacional para o Progresso das Pessoas de Cor]In a post on


In the vote on Saturday (24), Trump beat the former governor of the state Haley by 60% to 40%, and she is already being treated by the billionaire's campaign like a card from the deck of cards: “Nikki who?” said a manager of his campaign to Portal. Haley promised to resist until Super Tuesday March 5, with fights in 15 states but financial support to the Koch family has already been stopped, according to North American media.

According to the Axios portal, the profile of the electorate that gave Trump victory in the state's primaries would not be “nearly large enough to win a presidential election” in which it would be necessary, according to the AP VoteCast exit poll “ Voters who are more diverse and educated and believe their first defeat was legitimate.”

2,440 voters were interviewed for the survey. Twothirds of Republican voters in the state's primary were white, generally evangelical, did not attend college and said Biden was not legitimately elected. 75% of Haley's supporters said Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020 (40% voted for Biden).


Because of the 91 charges, Trump will have no shortage of hearings and convictions given the current situation. This Monday (26) his defense team announced that he will appeal his conviction in New York to pay a fine of $364 million for various business schemes in which his sons Eric and Donald Jr. are codefendants .

At that trial, Judge Engoron noted that “his complete lack of remorse and remorse borders on the pathological.”

In late January, he was ordered to pay $83.3 million to writer E. Jean Carroll for defaming her after she accused him in 2019 of raping her in 1990's The “Sick” Author said at the time that she was “not his type” and had made up the rape to “sell her new book.”

On March 4, the day before Super Tuesday, Trump will go on trial for attempting to rig the 2020 election in Georgia (“Get me 11,870 votes there”). The prosecution had suggested January, while Trump's defense wanted to leave it until 2026.

Filed and photographed

In August last year, Trump was officially indicted on this charge in a southern prison and photographed there.

Trump's trial in the case of buying the silence of porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016, when he was running for office for the first time, will take place on March 25.

There are also allegations that he unlawfully stored secret Pentagon documents in his Florida villa.

Since there is no ban on voting in the USA, Trump can run even if he is convicted. If elected, he could even govern from house arrest. The US elections take place in November.

For Axios, Trump's campaign strategy is to hold a “referendum against Biden and his policies” to reach beyond the Republican base, especially in the swing states where the election will be decided. Exploiting voter disillusionment with “the economy, uncontrolled immigration and other external complications,” issues that “affect people of all backgrounds,” as a “key adviser” to the former president explained.