Trump will take part in the US elections the Supreme

Trump will take part in the US elections: the Supreme Court rejected the Colorado ruling

Donald Trump returns to the election race. He Supreme Court The President of the United States overturned the judgment filed in Colorado that barred the former president from participating in the Republican primaries in that state due to his misconduct Role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6th in 2021. The justices appealed the 14th Amendment.

The decision of Supreme CourtThe unanimous decision was quickly resolved due to the impact it brought in the middle of the election campaign. Only with this resolution Illinois and Maine They continue to insist on excluding Trump. Five of the justices found that “no state can exclude a federal candidate from the ballot.”

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Donald Trump is back

The statement of Supreme Court allows Donald Trump to revive his dream of returning to the White House. It should be noted that this decision sets a precedent for other similar complaints Trump has received in the states Illinois and Maine. The result came on the eve of Super Tuesday, a key date for the election.

Trump will take part in the US elections the SupremeDonald Trump commented on the court's decision, calling it a “great victory for the United States.” Photo: X/@realDonaldTrump.

The judges' decision was divided, because while five of them pointed out that a state cannot exclude a candidate, the other four considered that this conclusion should be limited to the case under consideration. The Supreme Court consists of nine judgesthree of whom were appointed by Trump during his term in office.

About your account Xformerly Twitter, Donald Trump He commented on the court's decision, calling it a “great victory for the United States.” As is well known, the former president is the favorite candidate for the Republican nomination ahead of the November presidential election, so his exclusion from the polls represents a major obstacle in his campaign.

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What is Super Tuesday?

Great Tuesday It is a crucial event in the United States' electoral calendar, particularly in presidential election years. It usually takes place in February or March of the election year and marks a turning point in the primaries and caucuses of political parties, especially the democrat and that republican.

1709581338 185 Trump will take part in the US elections the SupremeDonald Trump appears to be the favorite for the Republican nomination. Photo: AFP.

A large number of states, sometimes more than a dozen, conduct theirs primaries at the same time. This means that a significant number of delegates are up for grabs in a single day. Delegates are representatives who support a Candidate at the party's national congressin which the presidential candidate is officially elected.

The influence of Great Tuesday lies in its ability to consolidate leading candidates or to give decisive impetus to the lagging candidates. A good performance on this day can create a domino effect, attracting more support and money to a candidate's campaign. On the other hand, a poor result can cause candidates to reconsider their suitability and, in some cases, withdraw from the race.