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Trump wins primary at Michigan party conference by landslide

In the primary elections during the Republican Party Convention in Michigan, the leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, easily beat his remaining competitor, Nikki Haley. According to party figures yesterday, he received almost 98 percent of local delegate votes – 1,575 to 36.

At one of 13 meetings in the Great Lakes state, organizers decided to save time by asking the 185 attendees who planned to vote for the former South Carolina governor to nominate themselves. Only one, Carter Houtman, stood up.

Michigan held a regular primary on Tuesday. Due to a dispute within the party, initially only 16 party delegates were chosen for the nominating party conference in the summer. Former President Trump received twelve of them. With the victory in the primaries during the party conference, there are 39 more.

Preliminary decision on Super Tuesday

Voting was also held in Idaho and Missouri, and here the businessman was also expected to win. The next big date on the US election calendar is Super Tuesday on Tuesday, when about a third of the delegates from both parties will be awarded.

Republicans consider Trump the almost certain winner of the primary, while Democrats consider incumbent Joe Biden.

Poll sees Trump ahead of Biden

It is currently difficult to estimate what another presidential duel between Trump and Biden would be like. According to a recent poll commissioned by the New York Times, the majority of registered voters would currently vote for former Republican President Donald Trump.

In the national poll, 48 percent said they wanted to vote for Trump, while 43 percent said they wanted to vote for Biden. According to the poll, support for Biden also fell among two groups of voters who typically vote reliably for Democrats: non-white voters and ordinary workers.