Turkish Previews of Bitter Earth Fikret tries to kill Abdulkadir

Turkish Previews of Bitter Earth: Fikret tries to kill Abdulkadir by burning him alive! TVDaily

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Turkish Previews of Bitter Earth: Fikret tries to kill Abdulkadir by burning him alive!

Let's discover together the foreign previews of Terra Amara, a soap opera that airs from Monday to Sunday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast soon.

The Turkish previews by Terra Amara will be full of new features that will captivate the viewer: this time all eyes are on him Fikret. The boy will find out Abdulkadir He murdered his uncle and will decide to burn him alive to take revenge… but let's find out together what the previews of the episodes that will be broadcast soon look like 2:10 p.m. at Canale 5.

Bitter Land Turkish Previews: Fikret discovers that Abdulkadir killed Fekeli

Fikret will find out that Fekeli was murdered and will understand that Abdulkadir is behind the terrible crime. It all starts when the boy overhears a conversation between them Lufitye and Zuleyha: although it is not explicitly stated, the young man He will understand that not only was his uncle killed, but that Mehmet's partner is to blame. At this point, Fikret he will be heartbroken and angry and determined to take revenge. The man will thus prepare an exemplary attack Keskin.

Turkish previews of Bitter Earth: Abdulkadir tries to blame Hakan

First, Fikret will throw a drug bomb into Abdulkadir's room. At that point he will kidnap him, take him to a remote cabin and tie him up. When Keskin comes to his senses and is threatened by Fikretarmed with a gun, but will first try to deceive him by playing the ignorance card (i.e. pretending he doesn't know). Fekeli was murdered). he will try to blame Kara for this. Fikret, However, he won't believe his words and so on He will douse the shed with gasoline and then start a fire.

According to Turkish expectations, Abdulkadir manages to save himself

Fikret wants to leave Abdulkadir there to die, but before he leaves, he offers him the chance to save himself by giving him a knife. Himself Abdulkadir If he manages to melt and escape, I will be safe, otherwise he will die in the flames. Keskin There will be moments of pure terror, but in the end will be able to escape death. The man will swear revenge Fikret and what he did to him… what will he think?

Bitter earththe popular Turkish soap opera, has been broadcast from Monday to Saturday since November 2:10 p.m. at Canale 5.