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Türkiye, Stories of Suffering and Love

When the death toll hovers around 40,000 and there is gigantic damage to homes and infrastructure, the stories of rescued children, anonymous heroes and actions of international support add a touch of love to an event that will forever shape the life of this nation.

Stories like that of the Cuban doctor Abel Aguilar, a member of a health brigade sent to that country, come to light amidst pain when there is talk of reconstruction.

The doctor, like many of his companions, with his nurse and a psychologist, walks through the snowy and ruined streets in search of the wounded, before the sad looks of those who have lost everything but have kept the most important thing, life.

On his Facebook page, Abel receives tokens of admiration and affection extrapolated to a country whose history is steeped in these episodes of humanism and which was one of the first to respond to the Ankara government’s request for help.

According to the Minister for Urbanism, Murat Kurum, there is already talk of a simultaneous call for tenders in the 11 provinces most affected in order to determine the safest location for the new buildings to be erected.

The two accidents on February 6 partially or totally destroyed 84,000 buildings, according to a press conference in the city of Adana (south); These cities have been declared disaster areas and placed under a state of emergency.

In addition, an estimated 14 million people were affected by the earthquake and its aftershocks.

In this regard, hundreds of arrest warrants have been issued by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government against builders, developers, architects and financiers for violating anti-earthquake legislation.

According to investigations resulting from the earthquakes, more than 10 million houses lacked building permits, which is why the executive ordered arrests, sometimes at airports, of those accused who tried to escape.

The pain lingers, hopes for more survivors are dying, but in the sad memory there will be room for those who have overcome suffering and given love.