TV nostalgia Brigitte Lafleur between dream and reality

TV nostalgia: Brigitte Lafleur, between dream and reality

member of the generation master key, Brigitte Lafleur was seduced by the first version of the show. As a child, she was also caught up in the stories of candy. For them, the pleasure of seeing a screen could be combined alone, but also synonymous with a real party.

Brigitte, which youth program influenced you?

I’m from the Passe Partout era, so that’s really number one. There is nothing that can underpin the quality of what I heard growing up. […] I thought it was “hot” that people often do more playful business than dolls. I found that the dolls lived in very down to earth situations at home while the humans moved around in all white sets with boxes and puzzled us. It’s a really great idea, it opens the minds of young people.

Another maybe?

And I’m also from the Candy era, from those Japanese cartoons where it’s so intense, where the stories are so dramatic. Children – and I look at my daughter [Agathe, 7 ans bientôt 8, NDLR] – are captivated by very dramatic things. Our parents don’t tell us about these dramas when we’re very young; it’s a bit like you realize what kind of world we live in! (laughs)

Are your childhood TV memories of moments spent alone, with family, or with friends?

My older sisters are eight and five years older than me, so I was always alone and watching the cartoons because my sisters were away. It was perfect because I really liked being in my own world and making things up. But my father was a constant organizer in Val-d’Or; Every Saturday, once a week, he organized big film screenings for all the children in the arena. It was big”! Sometimes he organized such evenings at home, inviting the family and the children. The film side of Walt Disney is associated with big parties…

Is there a character you would like to play for children?

I’d love to play a larger than life character or an actual composition, the stuff you can never do as an actor because it’s too big. Why not in a fantastic universe? Or be a magical being? Something where I can change my voice, talk while singing… Weird things or very intense things, but which “go into the carpet”.

Which universe should the children discover?

“In a Galaxy Near You” is one of the best deals, a show you never get tired of because of the level of play and the fun the comedians have while playing… It develops humor in children; everything is dramatized. This can give young people confidence. It’s funny and intelligent at the same time. I find it extraordinary that children can see this.

Brigitte Lafleur stars in the sixth season of the comedy-drama A hard time Rebroadcast by Unis TV. We can also see them in scenes of the scary thriller captive offered on Club illico.