TV nostalgia Daniel Coutu impersonator of Guy Jodoin and lover

TV nostalgia: Daniel Coutu, impersonator of Guy Jodoin and lover of Jessica Barker

For a young Daniel Coutu, the humor and intelligence of resourceful had no equal. And for fun, why not with the family of The Little Life? The TV-loving wizard has spent hours laughing in front of the small screen…

Daniel, which children’s programs have influenced you?

I particularly remember the “solid tripping” on Les débrouillards. It was fun and smart. I watched each of the episodes more than once (thanks, VHS tapes) and knew the chorus by heart!

Which TV memories from your childhood are among your best?

The Little Life

Photo Radio Canada

The Little Life

It’s not a children’s show, but I remember laughing out loud while we hung out on the sofa with the family listening to La petite vie. My mother has a particularly infectious laugh and we laughed… laughed. Equally funny was Fripe et Pouille! It’s good to laugh with family.

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

When I was younger I watched too much TV! No wonder I design shows today.

Is there a character that influenced you?

Tele Pirate.

Photo taken from IMDB

Tele Pirate.

The unbridled humor of Télé-Pirate and the studio has particularly influenced my love of sketch shows. The artist-painter speaking onomatopoeia played by Guy Jodoin made me scream with laughter. I still imitate him today. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Guy Jodoin, but it’s clear I’ll ask him for an excerpt when the opportunity arises. Then I can die.

Is there another song from a show that you remember?

Gregory Charles and Marie-Soleil Tougas in Les Debrouillards.

Archival Photos, Radio Canada

Gregory Charles and Marie-Soleil Tougas in Les Debrouillards.

I would be tempted to say that about the Débrouillards, but I would be superfluous. So I’ll say… The hustlers!

Is there a character you would have loved to play for children?

I think I would have liked to have been Tom [sous les traits de Lorànt Deutsch] into The Undaunted. Mostly because I was secretly in love with Julie! “Oh dear God!”. But that’s not original, because I’ve heard that Jessica Barker has several nostalgic thirty-something suitors. She should found an association to monetize this capital of love; she would get super rich (smile).

Which universe should the children discover?

Magic Family’s, but I have a conflict of interest… I’m so proud of this series. I had so much fun designing it with my author friend Isabelle Pruneau-Brunet. The actors and actresses I have the pleasure of performing with are so funny. It’s very lucky!

What do you think of today’s youth television?

Again, I can hardly be a judge and advocacy here, but I think it’s great. We need to find a way to reach even more kids on the new platforms. Youth TV is so important from a cultural point of view… Actually in every way!

  • The 13 episodes of the second season of will not only be shown on magic family are broadcast on Saturdays at 9 am by ICI Télé. The episodes of the third season can be watched thanks to the extra All v.