TV QUB is out of control

TV: QUB is out of control

QUB Radio's television counterpart has currently been unfinished for about a month.

Subscribers to Videotron, Telus and other affiliated cable channels will have access to the new Quebecor channel, which launched in January, until April 11. This is therefore the opportunity to discover the television version of QUB Radio, which brings together the headliners Alexandre Dubé, Mathieu Bock-Côté, who hosts his show from France, Richard Martineau and Benoît Dutrizac.

Viewers can also follow the show of political analyst Yasmine Abdelfadel, who analyzes current events, that of Sophie Durocher, who is interested in culture and society, and that of Mario Dumont, who looks back on the major challenges.

In the evenings and weekends, several original contents are presented such as “The Car Guide” with Antoine Joubert, “Là-haut sur la colline” with Antoine Robitaille and “Prends pas ça pour du cash” with Francis Gosselin and Philippe Richard Bertrand.

To access the channel, Videotron subscribers can tune in to QUB on Hélix at 70 and on illico at SD51 or HD651.

Viewers who do not have access to QUB even during this decryption can request this from their cable provider.