1709267081 TVA The Witches series is entitled to a second season

TVA: The “Witches” series is entitled to a second season

series Witcheswhich has been keeping us on the edge of our seats since last September with its many mysteries and numerous puzzles, will be back on TVA next year.

In fact, this Thursday the channel will announce the renewal of its annual fiction.

Agnès (Noémie O'Farrell) and Beth (Céline Bonnier) in a scene from “Witches”.

Will couple Phil (Patrick Drolet) and Beth (Marie-Joanne Boucher) survive all the challenges they face? PHOTO PROVIDED BY TVA

Until the Season 1 finale on Monday, April 1, Joe, Beth and Agnès will continue to deal with their past by trying to connect it with their current lives. The childhood of the three half-sisters in a community with sectarian tendencies has left its mark and many answers remain unanswered.

The three women are indeed carrying heavy luggage and, like us, do not have all the keys to explain what happened decades ago in the village of Sainte-Piété.

Agnès (Noémie O'Farrell) and Beth (Céline Bonnier) in a scene from “Witches”.

Sooner or later, Agnès (Noémie O'Farrell) has to tell the truth about her pregnancy. PHOTO PROVIDED BY TVA

In the next five episodes, Joe (Céline Bonnier) will try to solve the procedural error that led to the acquittal of radio presenter Alain Leclerc (Jean-Marc Dalphond). Even on the sidelines of the investigation into the death of her father Armand (Olivier Lamarche), the journalist gets closer to the mysterious Michael.

Agnès (Noémie O'Farrell) will continue to search for her mother and drown in her lies. She too is struck by tragedy.

Finally, Beth (Marie-Joanne Boucher) will continue to worry about the fragile health of her son Alistair (Léopold Lafontaine) and the allegations against Phil's father (Patrick Drolet). The tension in his relationship will remain strong.

Agnès (Noémie O'Farrell) and Beth (Céline Bonnier) in a scene from “Witches”.

Joe (Céline Bonnier) has a lot of files burning. PHOTO BY EVA MAUDE TC, PROVIDED BY TVA

Produced by Amalga in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the Sorcières series is directed by Myriam Verreault and Ian Lagarde. It was written by Germain Larochelle and Marie-Josée Ouellet, who is also the coordinating author.

According to confirmed figures from Numeris, Witches attracted almost 900,000 viewers from January 1st to February 18th.