Two coyotes are euthanized by the city of Montreal

Two coyotes are euthanized by the city of Montreal – TVA Nouvelles

Two coyotes sighted in the Pointe-aux-Trembles sector, east of Montreal Island, were to be captured and euthanized by the city for “problematic behavior.”

A trapping session was initiated by the city of Montreal after the Department of Environment, Fighting Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks granted a permit, city public relations officer Karla Duval confirmed on Friday.

“Unfortunately, these coyotes have lost all fear of humans, which can be explained by multiple factors, including voluntarily or involuntarily feeding,” she said via email.

Two coyotes are currently being euthanized by Spaces for Life vets. This is a “last resort” situation.

“Should other coyotes be caught, they will be tagged with a uniquely colored identification tag on one ear to identify individuals, making it easier to match a sighting to a specific coyote,” Ms. Duval said.

According to the city, relocation is not recommended because these canids exhibit unusual behavior and could pose a risk of spreading disease.

“So it’s not frivolous that we’re doing it this way, but this operation is necessary to remove problematic individuals from the environment,” argued the publicist.

The City of Montreal ensures that it continues to promote harmonious coexistence with the coyotes in this sector, in parallel with the awareness and prevention activities.