Two Estrie companies are revolutionizing the hunting market – BUSINESS

Two Estrie companies are revolutionizing the hunting market – BUSINESS & LAW –

Kit Hunting, a Sherbrooke-based hunting and fishing equipment startup, is partnering with Import Export Fourrures to provide hunting enthusiasts with higher quality and more efficient products. This partnership “promises to revolutionize the hunting equipment market in Quebec and bring these two local companies internationally known.”

The aim is, among other things, to offer customers interested in this activity high-performance items that respect the environment and care for the welfare of animals.

“We are very pleased about this partnership with Import Export Fourrures! Our shared goal is to provide our customers with exceptional hunting products that meet their needs while respecting our planet. Together we want to redefine industry standards. »

– Daniel Mireault, CEO of Kit Hunting

Through this partnership, hunters will have access to an expanded range of products, including hunting salts and attractants such as urine, hunting activators and odor inhibitors. The cleaning products are all made with the utmost attention to detail and quality. The products resulting from this collaboration are the result of an intensive research and development project that guarantees hunters an unparalleled experience in the field. Technological innovations, materials, ingredients and state-of-the-art production methods combine to create effective products that stand out on the market.

It should be noted that all items developed by Import Export Fourrures, as well as the recipes, are systematically subject to approval tests carried out by an external laboratory specializing in animal health. Therefore, Kit Hunting and Import Export Fourrures are mutually committed to reducing the ecological footprint of their operations to an absolute minimum while protecting the health of animals and promoting environmentally conscious hunting.

“This partnership is an important step in our mission to promote sustainable and responsible hunting. We firmly believe that quality and ecology should not be sacrificed for the sake of performance. With Kit Hunting we can offer our customers all of this. Import Export Fourrures is the only company that has its products and recipes analyzed by an external laboratory. »

– Marc Jolicoeur, CEO of Import Export Fourrures