1708067915 Two hot sauces from La Pimenterie featured on the popular

Two hot sauces from La Pimenterie, featured on the popular YouTube show “Hot Ones.”

A Quebec entrepreneur will make more than 13 million viewers sweat on YouTube. Two hot sauces he makes end up in the 23rde season of the popular show Name is.

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“It’s like the Oscars or the Grammys,” says Julien Fréchette, 42, happily. The founder and boss of La Pimenterie is still pinching himself, even a few days after hearing the good news.

Hot Ones has been collecting highlights for 22 seasons. More than 300 stars – all A's – like Charlize Theron, Neil de Grasse Tyson and DJ Khaled come to taste increasingly spicy sauces – and to sweat.

The show, hosted by Sean Evans, is a hit with almost 100 million views. It's quite a feat to make two sauces in one season.

Maxime Chenier-Groulx and Julien Fréchette each hit a home run.

The two Quebec sauces chosen for Season 23 of Hot Ones. Photo provided by La Pimenterie

Two Grand Slams

“It’s huge,” says Julien Fréchette, whose “Forbidden Fruit” sauce is making participants’ mouths water this year. It will be available for sale in Quebec from May next year.

The other sauce, Queso sin Queso, is the result of the work of Maxime Chenier-Groulx, a 32-year-old Montrealer who has worked at La Pimenterie for two years.

The spicy lover brews a new sauce every Sunday for fun. His new creation has caught the attention of Mecca, the Hot Ones team.

La Pimenterie is responsible for the production and distribution of Queso sin Queso. Maxime Chenier-Groulx, who markets it under his brand name Good Heat, receives royalties for each sale.

In total, La Pimenterie will produce 100,000 150ml bottles for Hot Ones. The Quebec SME sold a total of 400,000 in 2023 – 70% in Quebec, 20% in the United States and 10% in the Republic of China.

Maxime Chenier-Groulx and Julien Fréchette each hit a home run.

Jules, aka Gurky, in the middle, surrounded by his father (left) and Julien Fréchette, photo from La Pimenterie website

Gurky and France

Julien Fréchette also continues his relationship with YouTuber Gurky, which began last October.

The two partners prepare a new creation together, while La Pimenterie takes advantage of France's interest in the young web sensation.

Maxime Chenier-Groulx and Julien Fréchette each hit a home run.

Gurky's kumquat and yellow pepper sauce sold out like crazy. Photo from La Pimenterie website

More than 25,000 bottles of La Pimenterie sauces are on their way to Europe. A wholesaler is responsible for distributing the products in France.

“It’s a great opportunity to open up Europe,” says the boss, who has twelve more exciting projects in the pipeline.

For now, Hot Ones and France are enough to make his growing business “almost difficult to manage.”

La Pimenterie coming soon

  • Founded in 2016
  • 15 employees
  • 400,000 bottles (150 ml) per year
  • 25 tons of peppers used

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