UD Elga Enardu and Diego Daddi love at the end

U&D, Elga Enardu and Diego Daddi love at the end of the line. She packs her bags and leaves: “I’m leaving here with all my heart leggego.it.”

Elga Enardu And Diego Daddi They broke up. Raising the alarm about the breakup of a beloved couple who met on the show men and women she is the same Elga, twin sister of Serena Enardu, another familiar face on the show who caused concern for his fans with his Instagram stories. Suitcases, tears and a very clear confession: “I’m leaving here with a broken heart.”

Let’s find out together what happened.

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Elga and Diego

“Good morning, slightly upset… but strong,” Elga said on her Instagram Stories. I just returned home with Giulio and Toy. My only family.

Then the photo of the suitcases with the caption: “I leave here with broken bones and a broken heart.” And again: “I promise myself, my family who loves me infinitely, and all of you to never give up.” In you and in my strength I will find the courage not to give in to despair and melancholy for a second. Because when faced with pain, you have the choice to let go (pleasant) or react (strong).

The crisis

The couple had published a selfie together a few hours earlier, then the crisis came. It is not clear what happened and why Elga Enardu decided to leave the love nest. He hasn’t commented on it yet, but there seems to be no doubt: the two have separated.

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