UeD amazement in the studio Ida Platano returns to HIM

UeD, amazement in the studio: Ida Platano returns to HIM | They went out together

The dating show Men and Women is one of the television shows that Italian viewers are becoming more and more enthusiastic about. Among the undisputed protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s transmission is undoubtedly Ida Platano, who has recently found herself at the center of a new indiscretion.

UeD amazement in the studio Ida Platano returns to HIM

Although Men and Women has been on the air for many years, it remains one of the most-watched programs of all time. That Scope The transmission will try to help all those who want to join the searchtwin soul.

Over the years, many love stories have emerged from UeD studies, even if the difficulties, disappointments, etc heart problems, during the episodes, are on the program. In this regard, it is impossible to forget all the difficulties that the lady encountered during her journey Ida Platano.

After the troubled relationship she had with the knight Riccardo Palmieri, Ida has returned in search of a man who knows conquer his heart, but despite trying to get to know several suitors who charming prince hasn’t knocked on his door yet.

Recently, however, the lady from Brescia was sighted together one of the knights of the program, with whom he already had one in the past shortcut. To find out who it is, all you have to do is read on.

Ida Platano back to have dinner with him

Be it a real one backfireis unknown, but one thing is certain: Ida Platano recently gave herself one dinner with one of the UeD Knights who she has frequented in the past.

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To spread that indiscretion the gossip expert thought about it Deianira Marzanovia a video posted to both his TikTok profile and his official Instagram profile in the form of an Ig story.

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In the video in question, Ida Platano was seen accompanied by Alessandro Vicinanzaone of the knights of the male parterre of men and women, with whom the lady had an acquaintance.

The two have decided to go their separate ways after various arguments and arguments, but this recent meeting between the two could do it again change everything.

UeD: Alessandro proximity between two fires?

THE feelingsoften they have no rational explanation. The only thing we can do is give in to them and try to be guided by what our heart is feeling. This is probably what Alessandro Vicinanza is trying to do, who said he was interested in courting in a recent episode of Men and Women Roberta of Padua.

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Alexander’s confession aroused much excitement as the knight had admitted not too long ago that he still had feelings for Ida Platano. Deianira Marzano’s leak about the joint sighting of Vicinanza and Ida has also continued tangled the things. how will it end To find out, all we have to do is follow the new episodes of the dating show.