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Ukraine, 48% of Europeans want a quick end to the conflict

Almost half (48%) of the citizens of 9 European countries, including Italy, advocates a quick end to the conflict in Ukraine, even if Kyiv cedes part of its territory to Russia, according to a poll conducted by the network of research institutes Euroskopia and published on its website. At the same time, Euroskopia points out that almost one in three Europeans – 32% – opposes making this sacrifice to speed up peace.

In addition to Italy, the survey was conducted in Italy Germany, Greece, Spain, Holland, Poland, Portugal, France and Austria. And it is in the latter capital that the highest proportion (60%) of citizens who would prefer the war to end as soon as possible is recorded, followed by Germany (60%). In Italy, as in Spain, this percentage drops to 50% and reaches 27% in the Netherlands.

On the other hand, a broader consensus on arms sales to Ukraine emerged: the majority of Europeans, 56%, continue to support military support for Kyiv from the West, with the proportion reaching up to 61% in Spain. But this front is also divided: in Italy (50% against and 38% in favor) and in Greece (60% against 38%) the “no” to arms sales to Ukraine prevails.



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