Ukraine Borell quotThe EU has provided almost 50 billion in

Ukraine, Borell: "The EU has provided almost 50 billion in aid, more than the US"

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said that aid to Ukraine from European institutions and member states amounts to almost 50 billion euros, which makes Europe the main supporter of Kiev in the war against Russia. “It is an honor for Europe to help Ukraine defend itself against the aggression it is suffering. I worked hard to make this possible by reaching consensus on decisions that allowed Ukraine to resist,” the head of the Diplomacy Union said in a debate at the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg.

As mentioned by Borrell, the sum of the military, financial and humanitarian aid amounts to almost 50 billion euros. “It puts us first among countries in terms of the amount of aid to Ukraine compared to the United States.” In any case, he insisted that such aid “is not enough” as long as Ukraine remains under systematic attacks suffered from the Russian army, which he accused of wanting to destroy the neighboring country. “We will have to support Ukraine, and not just militarily. The door must be open for negotiations, but it takes two to make peace and one to make war.”

IRAN — Borrell also spoke of the possibility of keeping lines of communication open with Iran to restore the nuclear deal, despite Tehran’s repressive spiral of pro-democracy protests and the death sentences imposed on protesters. The head of European diplomacy acknowledged that the internal situation in Iran posed a “difficult challenge” and called the repression of protests and the imposition of the death penalty on protesters “unacceptable”.

Nevertheless, Borrell pointed out that “Communication channels on the nuclear treaty must be preserved. It is a separate issue and every possible effort must be made to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. I don’t know of a better way to do it.” . Borrell also condemned military aid to Russia, saying the ayatollah regime continued to deny it in its contacts with Europe.