Ukraine De Luca on NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said we

Ukraine, De Luca on NATO Secretary General: “Stoltenberg said we need to produce more…

Ukraine De Luca on NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said we

“We sometimes have sad news. The saddest is a man named Stoltenberg, who happens to be the Secretary General of NATO. He just finished saying that We need to produce more ammo, more guns, more guns. Your statements confirm me the urgency of entrusting Stoltenberg to social services“. It is the sharp comment made by the president of the Campania region Vincent DeLuca before, during his usual live Facebook on Friday, on last Wednesday’s statements by the Secretary General of NATO, jens stoltenberg, on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine (“We live in a more dangerous world, with Russia’s aggressive stance, the continuing threat of terrorism and the new challenges posed by China”).

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De Luca also comments on the outcome of Regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy: “The good news of the week is that the regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy have passed, so we will still avoid being tormented by the comments. The low turnout in the vote – he continues – is further confirmation of the lack of confidence in the possibility of changing things. It’s confirmation that politics is stripping itself of any element of passion and enthusiasm, and the candidates weigh in on that too, for with a few exceptions There were a few candidates for penguins. And that’s why it’s difficult to arouse enthusiasm and passion“.