Ukraine how to achieve peace Journey to the Swedish research

Ukraine, how to achieve peace? Journey to the Swedish research center studying negotiations …

Ukraine how to achieve peace Journey to the Swedish research

In Sweden, At Uppsala University there are those who i peace negotiations and who teaches how to create a peaceful and lasting coexistence. The Center for Peace and Conflict Research was founded by Peter Wallenstein in 1972. A few days before the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Direct stop with the bet “Peace Builder”aired on Monday February 20 at 9:20 p.m. on Rai3, returns to the conflict that is rocking Europe and to those who, despite everything, are working to build peace.

Wallenteen is not just a theorist. He has experience as a third party in conflicts such as those surrounding Papua New Guinea (Bougainville), Israel-Palestine, Nagorno-Karabakh and Cyprus. At Uppsala University, a lot of data and information about conflicts is collected in the Uppsala Conflict Data Program: a database that collects Information on conflicts from 1946 to today. It is an important tool that is consulted by many international bodiesincluding the UN. Ucdp allows us today special assessments, for example the fact that most of the conflicts of the last 15-20 years have been “internationalized” wars involving third countries that added fuel to the fire to prolong conflicts and destabilize countries. With Eric Melander Heads of the Center for Nuclear Disarmament, we talked about the impact that the war in Ukraine is having on the fight against armaments, undoing years of policy in support of nuclear non-proliferation.

PresaDiretta cameras have also arrived Sierra Leonea country that was able to end a bloody civil war.

BUILDERS OF PEACE is a story by Riccardo Iacona, Luigi Mastropaolo, Roberta Pallotta, Elena Stramentinoli, Fabio Colazzo, Matteo Delbò, Massimiliano Torchia.

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