1649200429 Ukraine USA ready for total war The West no longer

Ukraine, USA ready for total war: “The West no longer knows how to punish Putin”

Sanctions, countersanctions, declarations, counterdeclarations, weapons, other weapons, deadly weapons: the truth is that the West no longer knows what to invent.
Except war.

It is important to stop Putin’s anger in Ukraine.
The point is how.

With the long gone time while Bucha’s images of the slain dead go around the world.
A slaughter of civilians, an openair gallery of terrorfor which the international community is clamoring for war crimes and already demanding a trial.


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a hell.
With flames roaring high, with Moscow not flinching an inch, with Washington using words that smack of poison. Indeed of an imminent clash.

“A war criminal”, “a brutal man”, “a butcher”.

These are just some of the expressions that Joe Biden reserved for his counterpart in the last few hours, in the last few weeks.

And now the United States is really preparing for the worst.

Ukraine USA ready for total war The West no longer

In fact, the number of analysts, editors, and most importantly, security consultants considering them is growing the measures taken so far are insufficient.

There is a growing awareness that Bucha may be “just the tip of the iceberg and, worse, that Putin has no intention of stopping.

Aside from being sick, he starts chewing bitterly more than anyone. However, very clear, in carrying out his plan to restore the Empire, victims of the complexes of the lost Cold War, the game therefore to be reopened. To win in Ukraine, but to extend Comparison between two models, of which he considers the American, globalist and imperialist to be wrong. Of whom he considers himself the leader of the eastern ones, strong from Xi Jinping’s silent but solid shoulder.

1649200428 854 Ukraine USA ready for total war The West no longer

After 40 days of warand sanctions that enforce, but do not dissolve, The world seems to have landed in a dead end.
And the biggest fear now is the fight.