Ukrainian soldiers searching in the forests on the border with

Ukrainian soldiers searching in the forests on the border with Belarus, the story of ‘s special envoy

By Pierre Polard

Posted 4 hours ago, updated 3 hours ago

An exercise by Ukrainian forces on the Belarusian border on January 11. GLEB GARANICH/Portal

REPORT – The Russian and Belarusian threat, although imperceptible, is real to Ukraine. President Lukashenko holds a dangerous balance with Putin.

Chernihiv region

On the Belarusian border, on the Ukrainian side, the horizon is unspeakable and the questions unanswered. Where is the limit? Less than a kilometer or a little further? And is it still a border or is it a front now? In their trench, under their camouflage, the Ukrainian soldiers don’t react to anything, but their silence is always less disturbing than what they constantly observe. Here it is impossible to see more than a few meters into the distance or to spot the slightest enemy, Russians or Belarusians: the birch trees obscure the field of vision and the snow covers everything in white, while the soldier ditch winds up to the forest .extends .

Even if the Russian and Belarusian threat seems imperceptible, it is very real. Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army Valeri Zalouzhny stated on December 15, 2022: “We must prepare for an invasion that can take place in February, at best in March and at worst at the end…

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