Un Posto al Sole February 20 24 preview An

Un Posto al Sole February 20 24 preview: An unexpected return ruins Marina and Roberto’s wedding Velvet Mag

New episodes of Un Posto al Sole are coming February 20-24 on Rai Tre from 8:45 p.m.: Here’s what will happen. An unexpected return to the Palazzo Palladini will shake up the tenants, especially Marina and Roberto Ferri: here are all the previews.

The episodes continue A place in the Sun, the well-known Neapolitan soap that has been on the air for over 25 years. The show has now well passed the 6,000 episode mark and has become one of the most successful programs made in Italy. And even after recent advances, it doesn’t appear to want to mention the closure. So let’s find out what will happen in the aired episodes from February 20th to 24th At Rai Tre out of 20.45.

A place in the SunHere’s what will happen in the next few episodes of Un Posto al Sole – VelvetMag

An unexpected return will ruin Marina and Roberto’s plans, who are now on the verge of saying the fateful “yes”. In fact, the couple must contend with an unwanted presence that risks messing up their plans: who is it? In the next episodes of Un Posto al Sole there will also be space for the events of the other characters, including Sylvia (Louise Amatucci). The latter, struggling with the economic problems of the volcano, seems to be able to breathe a sigh of relief after the unexpected help: below all progress.

Un posto al sole, that’s what happens in the next few episodes, which will be broadcast from February 20th to 24th

In the wake of Monday February 20th from Un Posto al Sole, the wedding day has come marine And Robert. However, her dream is interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected and unwanted guest. Oh well: Lara has returned to Napleswithout going unnoticed. What happens to Ferri and Giordano now? Will they be able to say the fateful “yes”? In the meantime, Sylvia is immersed in economic problems due to volcano. However, he will breathe a sigh of relief someone’s precautionary helpdecided Save the restaurant. However, the drop in customers could not help Graziani and forced it to close anyway.

A place in the sun spoilersLara is back in new episodes of Un Posto al Sole – VelvetMag

In the wake of Tuesday February 21st, everyone is still shocked by Lara’s arrival. However, Roberto will clarify the situation with his ex: Ferri wants to know what he wants from him. Sadly, Marina too will not be able to enjoy her day due to the woman’s return. Meanwhile, things are going badly for the Vulcano and Silvia weighs things up the possibility of closure. To make matters worse, the mood of the staff is dissatisfied with what is happening. A welcome surprise will make you think Cerri that their romance may not be entirely lost.

Un Posto al Sole continues with the sequence of Wednesday February 22nd. The process a Lello Valsano keep tormenting Viola and Nico. The two face long days in court that will reopen old wounds without forgetting what happened. Meanwhile, Valsano is becoming more and more dangerous It is a unexpected gesture through the racquet everything will rush. In the meantime, lara continues to undermine the tranquility of Marina and Roberto.

Will Lello Valsano get away with it?

In the wake of Thursday 23 February, during the trial Lello Valsano gains ground. The criminal’s lawyer will make a sensational speech that could ensure his client’s semi-sanity. SylviaNow he has to take matters into his own hands explosive. nuncio And FaustoIn fact, they will clash due to the constant issues that are pressuring them. Julia And Master Pepe They will meet by chance: but the man is in company.

In the sequel to Un posto al sole by Friday February 24th, given the lawyer’s speech, Lello Valsano could emerge unscathed from the trial and get away with it. Many twists and turns awaiting the final verdict herald an ominous outcome. I drivemeanwhile, is happy to have found the friend of adventure. However, Mariella may not be happy with her evenings. Giulia will clarify with Mastro Peppe. In the Palladini Palace Instead, a character returns from the past.