Unconventional Giordano39s attack They are leading us into a nuclear

Unconventional, Giordano's attack: “They are leading us into a nuclear war”

War in Ukraine, what will happen? Mario Giordano speaks about this in his editorial at the beginning of the program “Fuori dal coro”, broadcast on March 6th on Rete4.

“These are crazy people. They are leading us into a world war, into a nuclear war. They only talk about missiles, about invasion. There is never anyone who talks about peace. The other day, French President Macron hypothesized that there is a NATO.” “Troops in Ukraine, but NATO troops in Ukraine represent a decisive step towards a world war and therefore towards the risk of nuclear war, a risk “That we cannot rule out,” said the President of the European Commission, who said we would have to run as we bought weapons and vaccines.”