Under My Wifes Skin tour Marie Denise Pelletier at the

“Under My Wife’s Skin” tour: Marie Denise Pelletier at the peak of her art

She can look back on a 40-year career and dozens of achievements. She doesn't have to prove anything anymore. Nevertheless, it is the passion of a young premiere with which Marie Denise Pelletier reinterprets her repertoire Under my feminine skina new tour that leaves no doubt: the singer is one of our greatest voices.

A handful of musicians on stage. A chair. Nothing else. As soon as Marie Denise Pelletier appears on stage to the sounds of This Woman, the tone is immediately set; For this tour we avoided all the usual tricks in order to give the singer's voice all the space.

Because if some want to impress, Marie Denise Pelletier clearly intended to impress us upon her return to Montreal on Thursday evening at the Cinquième Salle at the Place des Arts. And that's exactly what she did during this hundred-minute singing tour, which often felt like a master class.

From yesterday till today

On the program: pieces from his most recent work “Under my woman's skin”, which gave the tour its title. But the singer didn't shy away from her joy – or ours – in pushing aside the successes that have defined her illustrious career. Marie Denise Pelletier happily switches between eras, moving from her immortals to her newer titles. And with the same skill, the same impressive vocal control, she creates a comprehensive overview of these four decades of her career.

When we delve into the titles that made his reputation – “For a one night stand”, “Tous les cries les SOS”, “À 17 ans”, “Parti via Vancouver and Company” – we discover the same thing with great joy the newer pieces that were grafted into his repertoire with the publication of “Under My Skin as a Woman” last fall. Of all this, we would be remiss if we did not mention the magnificent “When Love Wants to Die” (penned and piano by Claude Gauthier) and “Je t'ai sais” (the result of a collaboration between Moran and Catherine Major). would mention. two of the highlights of this tour.

We finally found out what lies beneath the feminine skin of Marie Denise Pelletier: undoubtedly one of Quebec's greatest voices. But also a performer at the highest level, always able to touch and move people like no other.

  • Marie Denise Pelletier will return to the stage of the Fifth Hall at Place des Arts on Friday evening. The Under My Woman's Skin tour runs until November.