1672754012 United passenger says her AirTag showed her luggage was delivered

United passenger says her AirTag showed her luggage was delivered to random lot and McDonald’s – and rep told her to ‘calm down’ when she complained

United Airlines 747.

United said it was working with its baggage delivery service to understand what happened. Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock

  • A United traveler said her lost luggage was sent to an apartment complex and a McDonald’s.

  • According to screenshots she shared on Twitter, United customer service told her to “calm down.”

  • The delivery driver said her bag was under another passenger and that he had taken it to a different address.

A United Airlines passenger said her Apple AirTag showed her lost suitcase was taken to an apartment complex and then to a McDonald’s restaurant after her flight.

Valerie Szybala tweeted about her experience on Sunday and spoke to The Independent.

After landing in Washington DC on December 28, United told Szybala via the app that her luggage was delayed and would arrive in the capital the next day, she told The Independent.

Szybala told the publication that she chose to have her luggage delivered to her home but it was a “big mistake”.

In a Twitter thread, Szybala said her AirTag showed her luggage had been left in a condominium complex for more than a day. She shared photos of what appeared to be United passenger bags outside the complex near the rubbish.

“I actually went over that night to see if this was really what I thought was an apartment building. And that was it,” Szybala told The Independent.

When Szybala contacted United’s customer service team, a representative told her to “calm down” and said the bag was safe with the delivery company, according to screenshots of the conversation Szybala tweeted.

Three days after Szybala’s luggage landed at the apartment complex, her bag was taken to a McDonald’s along Rhode Island Avenue in DC, according to a Twitter photo of her AirTag location on Sunday. Minutes later, Szybala tweeted that her luggage left McDonald’s and returned to the apartment complex.

Szybala shared a picture of her bag’s AirTag location at a shopping complex in the city on Twitter Monday, but after a few hours the luggage was returned to the apartment complex, she tweeted.

The story goes on

She told The Independent she went back to the apartment complex to track down her luggage. She then received what she described in a tweet as a “patchy” text message from a delivery driver for United.

The driver said he planned to deliver her luggage but took her bag to a different address because it was under another passenger’s name, according to a screenshot she tweeted.

“It didn’t make sense. It still doesn’t make sense,” she told The Independent.

Szybala said she called the number and the driver told her he was parked around the corner from her, she tweeted. He drove to the apartment complex and Szybala was reunited with her bag, she said in the Twitter thread.

United and Szybala did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, which was made outside of normal US business hours. United told The Independent in a statement that the airline is working with its baggage delivery service to understand what happened.

In a statement to Mashable, who also broke the story, United said: “We have been in touch with this customer to discuss this situation and to confirm that she has received her luggage. The service provided by our baggage supplier is not up to our standards and we are investigating what led to the loss of service.”

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