1675445029 University of Sports LIVE breaking news Jean Ferrari to host

University of Sports LIVE breaking news: Jean Ferrari to host a conference

University of Sports LIVE breaking news Jean Ferrari to host

Attention cream swellers! The Universitario de Deportes admin will give a press conference in the preview of U vs. Cantolao.

Dates 1 and 2 from Inaugural Tournament 2023 out of league 1 were suspended due to social conflicts in our country. Despite this situation, Universitario de Deportes continue training at Campo Mar before they could debut against Cantolao Academy this weekend. However, the government gave the green light for League 1. In that sense, the ‘U’ would meet Cantolao Academy.

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Good morning, readers of the Republic. In this note you can find out the latest news from the Universitario de Deportes in view of their debut in League 1.

Cream squad 2023

  • Goalkeepers: José Carvallo, Aamet Calderon, Diego Romero, Alejandro Alcalá.
  • Defenders: Hugo Ancajima, José Luján, Marco Saravia, José Bolívar, Matias di BenedettoJosé Zevallos, Nelson Cabanillas, Aldo Corzo, Piero Guzman, and Jerry Navarro Williams Riveros.
  • Flyer: Rodrigo Urena, Horace Calcaterra, Martin Perez Guedes, Alfonso Barco, Jorge Murrugarra, Jose Lopez, Jordan Guivin, Piero Quispe, Yuriel Celi.
  • Forward: Jose Rivera, Emmanuel Herrera, Alex Valera, Alexander Succar, Luis Urruti, Andy Polo and Joseph Valladolid.

University match in the inaugural League 1 tournament

  • Date 1: University vs. Cienciano (postponed)
  • Date 2: Athletic Alliance vs College (postponed)
  • Fecha 3: University vs. Cantolao
  • Date 4: Trade Union vs. Academic
  • Appointment 5: University vs. Alliance of Lima
  • Game 6: Carlos Mannucci vs. University
  • Date 7: University vs. FBC Melgar
  • Appointment 8: Binational vs. Academic
  • Appointment 9: University vs. ADT
  • Date 10: Deportivo Garcilaso vs. academic
  • Closes 11: Universitario vs. Athletic Grade
  • Appointment 12: Municipal Sports vs. Academic
  • Date 13: Uni vs. Sporting Cristal
  • Final 14: Sport Boys vs. University
  • Date 15: rest
  • Date 16: University vs. Cesar Vallejo
  • Date 17: UTC vs. UTC. university
  • Closes 18: Universitario vs Cusco FC
  • Date 19: Sport Huancayo vs. Academic.