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“Unsustainable”: Christian Bégin masterfully slips into the shoes of a perverted narcissistic psychiatrist

DISCLOSURE ALERT – D. is in complete denial of the harm he caused his daughter by sexually abusing herR Charbonneau took his own life in his cell during Thursday's episodeUntenableand thus avoids an almost certain prison sentence.

It is the actor Christian Bégin who has defended this perverted narcissistic psychiatrist with great talent since the beginnings of the justice newspaper in September 2022.

Christian Bégin in his role as Dr.  Charbonneau, a narcissistic pervert on trial for sexually abusing his daughter.


In the final episodes, the 60-year-old actor delivered a masterful performance, playing this great manipulator and psychopath with finesse and nuance.

We can assume that, like last year, Christian Bégin will be nominated for Gémeaux because he had to defend important scenes in the fiction produced by Pixcom.

We met Dr. Charbonneau right at the start of the first season of “Indefensible.” It was he who looked after the Poirier brothers Daniel (Vincent Hoss-Desmarais) and Pierre (Hubert Proulx). The psychiatrist who was successful in his trial against Pierre Poirier had such power over him that he managed to convince him within a few seconds during a break-in to shoot his brother, who had just raped Séverine (Rosalie Loiselle). . , the daughter of Dr. Charbonneau.

By referring to this sexual assault, the former chief psychiatrist at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry tried to escape this new trial. He alleged that his daughter had accused him of abusing her when she was 12 because of the trauma she suffered during her rape by Daniel Poirier.

Christian Bégin in his role as Dr.  Charbonneau, a narcissistic pervert on trial for sexually abusing his daughter.


Charbonneau angrily blamed his ex Lison (Geneviève Rochette), saying she turned their daughter against him to justify his own failure in his relationship with her.

In short, Dr. Charbonneau remained true to himself until the end; he had the “ability to relate to the vulnerability of others,” said Christian Bégin.

The actor, who has already played a similar type in Robert Morin's film “The Infiltration Problem” – for which he won the Iris for Best Actor in 2018 – has no illusions.

“I spoke to showrunner Izabel Chevrier about whether it would be better if he were killed in prison. But she was right, it's even more shocking because by committing suicide he doesn't face who he is and stays in control until the end.”

“I love you daddy”

Christian Bégin delivered powerful scenes, including the one where Séverine speaks to her father before testifying against him. She asked him why he attacked her. Without looking at him, she told him she loved him. The father's response was “disembodied,” according to his interpreter.

“It's a false vulnerability, it's a way for him to manipulate others. When he cries, he is not crying about the suffering he has caused, but about the feeling that he is misunderstood and that he is the victim,” said Christian Bégin.

In good shape

The latter is in better shape than ever since his operation for a brain tumor last year.

Christian Bégin in his role as Dr.  Charbonneau, a narcissistic pervert on trial for sexually abusing his daughter.

Christian Bégin is currently hosting the 16th season of his show “Curieux Bégin”. PHOTO PROVIDED BY TÉLÉ-QUÉBEC

“I have always been someone who takes life in large portions. I can't say there was a before and an after. I didn't have cancer; things have happened to me from time to time in my life that worried me a lot, but are behind me.

He continues to host the 16th season of Curieux Bégin. This Friday at 8 p.m. on Télé-Québec and the following week he is in Italy, visiting Tuscany and Veneto in quick succession. He is also writing a play and will soon host further episodes of his shows Y'a du monde à messe and La grande masse, also on Télé-Québec.

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