1709294063 Untamed Rosa Laricchiuta rocks great songs by women

“Untamed”: Rosa Laricchiuta rocks great songs by women

By revisiting songs by women who have shaped his life on his new album UntamedRosa Laricchiuta wanted to rock, of course, but she also wanted to thank her fans here for the “Wow” years since her time on The voice in 2015.

“I get a lot of messages from my Quebec fans, about my voice or asking me about the date of my next show. For me it's important to thank them for being there for a decade. I wanted to make an album for her here in Montreal.” When the Montrealer is back in Quebec after a few years in New Brunswick, she is often on tour between the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the rock group Headpins, which she joined in 2022.

“I wanted to make an album with songs by women who have influenced my life, mainly Canadian artists,” explains Rosa Laricchiuta, who just celebrated her 50th birthday. “These are songs that made me swing. Songs that made me feel strong and confident.”


Photo agency QMI, JOEL LEMAY

Space for women

With the rock approach that we know well, the artist takes Ironic by Alanis Morissette, What About Love by Heart, Demain de Corbeau sung by Marjo, Oxygène by Diane Dufresne, Black Velvet popular by Alannah Myles and Like The Way I Do by Melissa Etheridge on , an “incredible” inspiration with whom she has already shared the stage.

Covering a song is a delicate task, and Rosa Laricchiuta in particular didn't want to do a “copy and paste.” We wanted people to ask themselves the question, “What kind of song is this?”

Rosa Laricchiuta collaborated with musician Steve Nadeau on “Untamed”. “This is our first album together! We have really good chemistry. I’ve even asked him to work on a second album!”

On these six occasions, Rosa Laricchiuta adds two original pieces that fit well with the rock spirit of Untamed. “Hot Sex is a pleasure song that I wrote because I tell myself that we all need it in our lives!” explains the singer with a laugh. “I Miss You So” is about my relationship with my husband. We travel so much that I get bored!”

“More rock”

The one who is still recognized on the street after her appearance at La Voix also wants more rock in the next 10 years and says she is ready for new adventures. “I want more intensity, more shows, more travel, more rock, more everything.”

If there is no tour planned for Untamed yet, Rosa Laricchiuta is keeping her fingers crossed to be able to defend this album in front of her fans. “I’m really looking forward to doing my own show, it’s going to be amazing!”

  • The Untamed album is already available. The opening show will take place on March 28th at Cabaret La Tulipe. More information can be found here.
  • Rosa Laricchiuta will soon be touring with Headpins and opening for some Foreigner shows. To find out the dates, click here.