Unveiling the winning videos of the Slame tes Accents competition

Unveiling the winning videos of the “Slame tes Accents” competition – Écolebranchee

Press Release – The Center for Francophonie in the Americas announces the winning classes of the 4th edition of the Slame tes Accent Contest. Students aged 12 to 18 from all over America were invited to write a slam inspired by their French-speaking reality and perform it in a 60 to 90 second video.

The 72 videos received come from 21 regions in America. This competition reached almost 1,000 students across the continent. The eight winning classes will each win a prize of $1,000 CAD to purchase French teaching materials. In addition, two classes received a special mention and won a prize of CA$500 each, also for the purchase of teaching materials in French.

This competition allowed students to take part in a creative activity in French and play with the sounds of words while improving their learning of the French language.

Competitive goals

  • Stimulating young people's interest in the French language and the Francophonie of America;
  • Instill pride in speaking French and belonging to the great Francophonie family;
  • Develop written and oral skills in French based on the evocative power of slam;
  • Have fun creating in French!

The Slame tes accent competition is aimed at teachers and their students aged 12 to 18. You are invited to write a class slam and present it in a 60 to 90 second video that includes specific word suggestions. The Center for the Francophonie of the Americas offers a pedagogical approach for teachers and their students.

This exciting French language learning competition focuses on the theme of promoting accents and the French language. Whether the student's native language or their second or foreign language, whether they are just starting out or perfecting their knowledge, this competition is designed to ensure that they enjoy creating in French.

Winning videos in the 12 to 14 year old category

Julie Cabrera's class
The World French Immersion Public Charter School (Oregon, United States)

Emilie Meurville's class
Antoine and Consuelo French High School in Saint-Exupéry (El Salvador)

Class by Isabelle Rouger
French International High School of Las Terrenas (Dominican Republic)

Class of Emmanuelle Goulon
Boston International High School (Massachusetts, USA)

Class of Agnès Pobanz (special mention)
French high school Colegio Francia in Caracas (Venezuela)

Winning videos in the 15 to 18 years old category

Annie St-Jeans class
Collège Saint-Alexandre de la Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)

Valérie Talbot's class
Notre-Dame Regional School, Franco-Manitoban School Division (Manitoba, Canada)

Class of Brigitte Beaudry-Pépin
Franco-Cité Catholic Secondary School (Ontario, Canada)


Class of Jean-François Mydiaderme
Charles Darwin Institute (Haiti)

Class of Gabrielle Séguin (special mention)
Colegio Suizo de México (Mexico)

“I am very pleased to take part in the announcement of the winners of the Slame-tes-Akzent competition, in which students from different French-speaking backgrounds took part. Many of you joined in and made us swing with your words, your rhythms and your voices. Thank you for introducing us to the richness of your culture and highlighting our beautiful French language! »

Jean-François Roberge
Minister for French Language and Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and Canadian Francophonie

“We received very positive comments from the teachers who took part in this 4th edition of the Slame tes Accents! competition. I would like to thank you very much for the time you and your class invested in preparing these texts and recording the videos. The students were able to demonstrate their connection to the French language and their Francophonie while highlighting their accents. It's a great way to learn French while having fun writing something. Congratulations to all of you! »

Sylvain Lavoie
President and CEO
Center for the Francophonie of the Americas


  • 72 videos were submitted from 21 regions of the Americas; Canada (23) (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador), Costa Rica (1), Cuba (4), United States (25) (California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey , Oregon and Pennsylvania), Haiti (3), Mexico (9), Dominican Republic (4), El Salvador (1) and Venezuela (2).
  • Almost 1,000 students were mobilized to take part in the competition.
  • A pedagogical approach was proposed that was highly appreciated by teachers. The word bank was very useful and the implementation steps made the exercise enjoyable for the students.
  • Prizes worth CAD 9,000 were awarded for the purchase of teaching materials. Four prizes worth CA$1,000 for the 12-14 year old category, four prizes worth CA$1,000 for the 15-18 year old category and two special mentions worth CA$500.