1703989581 Update on Andrade El Idolo39s AEW status possible WWE return

Update on Andrade El Idolo's AEW status, possible WWE return

Andrade El Idolo poses with Charlotte Flair

Brian Ach/Getty Images

Andrade El Idolo could retire from AEW after tonight's Worlds End event. El Idolo has been featured prominently recently, entering the Continental Classic tournament as the top seed in the Blue League. Tonight he faces Miro in a pay-per-view. But WrestlePurists has reported that “many expect” him at AEW to “conclude” his time with the promotion tonight. Furthermore, the prevailing opinion is that he will return to WWE, and some have even suggested that he could return “as early as Day 1” edition of Raw.

Fightful Select also reported on it. Their report states that “it was learned this week that Andrade and AEW would no longer be working together” after “numerous sources” said he made it clear “last Wednesday” on “Dynamite” that “he is no longer wanted to work together.” wanted to stay with the company and was planning to leave. The situation was “not exactly pleasant” and some had even suggested that “a major disagreement had arisen.” The WWE side reportedly said that sources expected his contract to expire in the spring – although AEW sources claimed he would leave “immediately” – although both sides expected him to return to WWE at some point would .

This follows previous reports that WWE employees and some people close to Andrade had hinted that he would be returning to the company. He had indicated since the start of the year that his contract would expire sooner rather than later, having previously reportedly asked to be released from the promotion in 2022. A move back to WWE would make sense for El Idolo, who returns to WWE. He worked under Paul “Triple H” Levesque, under whom he was successful in “WWE NXT,” and rejoined his wife Charlotte Flair at the same employer.