1709375430 Uruguay wants a train with green hydrogen

Uruguay wants a train with green hydrogen

    Green hydrogen train in Uruguay.

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Montevideo, March 2 – Uruguay is today moving towards a green hydrogen train as part of the second stage of the energy transition, which emphasizes efficiency and the use of clean and sustainable energy.

To this end, the government signed a memorandum of understanding with the French consortium Setec to study the feasibility of these trains, which will operate on the first 60 kilometers of the new central railway. The inauguration date is scheduled for next April.

The aim is to connect the cities of Canelones and 25 de Agosto with Montevideo in the metropolitan area and reduce the vehicle load that moves using fossil fuels.

According to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, José Luis Falero, a diagnosis is made of the short and medium-term possibilities of railway development in the country.

The feasibility study will initially last 12 months and will be funded by the French government.

Aspects such as traffic, demand for passenger services, income, railway operations, necessary infrastructure, costs, economic analysis and strategies to decarbonize the sector are covered.

For her part, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Elisa Facio, said that “work is underway on the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives as a new vector for domestic use and export.”

This was the signing last Wednesday of another memorandum of understanding with HIF Global to study the feasibility of building a green hydrogen plant in Paysandú, capable of producing sustainable and clean fuels.