US actress asks for donations before posting photo at Super

US actress asks for donations before posting photo at Super Bowl

An American actress has been heavily criticized online for posting a photo of her and her son at the Super Bowl – just weeks after she asked fans to donate to her baseball team.

“#MotherSonBonding [“#MomentMèreFils” en français] #SuperBowl,” actress and producer Alyssa Milano said last Sunday, sharing a photo of her and her son on X, The Independent reported.

However, the image, which reached more than 16 million views in a few days, attracted the ire of several Internet users on social networks, who denounced the actress's participation in the expensive event and, a few weeks later, asked her fans to finance his son's baseball team.

“My son’s baseball team is raising money for his trip to Cooperstown. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. You can learn more about the team and donate here,” Alyssa Milano tweeted on Jan. 25, sharing the $10,000 crowdfunding campaign.

However, according to CBS News, a single seat ticket in Las Vegas for the event cost an average of $8,600.

However, it is unclear whether the actress paid for her tickets herself, as in a previous post from December she promoted an American Cancer Society contest by offering those who donate the chance to win tickets to the event and a meeting to win with her.

Nevertheless, the parallel was denounced by many, who, according to the British media, did not mince their words and called the actress a “real crook”.

“How dare you start a GoFundMe for your kids’ baseball team and then spend thousands of dollars to go to the Super Bowl?” You are a clown and so is everyone who donated to your ridiculous cause. SHAME ON YOU,” one of them reportedly wrote, according to The Independent.

Others gave a more measured speech and defended the actress.

“I'm not a fan of Alyssa, but the campaign isn't just about the part of the journey that her son is on. Should she pay for the whole team just because she's a celebrity? Calm down,” wrote another.

The actress had previously clarified in another tweet that she “paid for the uniforms of the entire team and coaches, organized birthday parties and sponsored all the children who cannot afford a monthly membership fee.”

“The kids also collect donations themselves: car washes, movie nights and lots of other fun things!” she clarified.