US Coast Guard Returns 43 Cuban Raftmen to Island Latest

US Coast Guard Returns 43 Cuban Raftmen to Island Latest Cuba and Cubans Around the World News

The United States Coast Guard, through a statement published on its website, reported this Saturday that 43 Cuban rafters have been returned to the island after being arrested in four bans.

According to US authorities, the first ban on Cuban raftsmen came at 3:45 p.m. last Tuesday when Coast Guard crews from the Clearwater C-130 Hercules Air Station alerted Key West Sector security forces from a rustic boat about 40 miles south of longkey.

The second discovery of Cuban nationals came Wednesday when police from the Customs and Border Protection Air and Sea Forces reported to observers in the Key West Coast Guard sector a rustic vessel about 50 miles south of Islamorada.

1,952 Cuban chevrons have been intercepted in the US so far this year

It should be noted that the third rustic boat made of Cuban rafters was found about 45 miles from Big Pine Key last Wednesday, while the fourth boat was found about 65 miles south of Marathon the same day.

US Coast Guard 7th District Sergeant Nicole J. Groll specified that air and surface patrols have increased in the Florida Straits to find those attempting to enter the United States illegally.

“These waterways are dangerous, unpredictable and the risk of loss of life is high,” he warned.

According to the United States Coast Guard, 1,952 Cuban rafts have been intercepted since October 1 last year, when the current fiscal year began, a number that more than doubles the 838 Cubans intercepted in fiscal year 2021.

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