US ends search for fallen flying objects

US ends search for fallen flying objects

After several days, the United States stopped looking for two unidentified flying objects that had also been taken out of the sky after an alleged Chinese spy balloon was shot down. According to the army, no wreckage was found during the searches in the North Americas.

The announcement was made by the US Northern Command (Northcom) on Friday night (local time) via Twitter. The two objects were dropped over Alaska and vast Lake Huron. The rubble may now never be discovered.

A systematic search lasting several days with the help of aerial photos and sensors yielded no results, the army said. In Alaska, the arctic climate also made work difficult. Canadian authorities also participated in the operations. The US military initially did not release information about a third object shot down over Canada.

On the way for research purposes

According to US intelligence services, the three objects probably belonged to private companies or scientific institutions and were on their way for research purposes. US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the missiles were likely unrelated to the allegations against China. In the meantime, there has also been wild speculation about extraterrestrial flying objects. However, the White House has officially denied that any evidence points to aliens.

First, a balloon was discovered in US airspace that, according to US officials, was used by China for espionage purposes. The balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina on February 4. According to the army on Friday, the recovery of the rubble has already ended. The remains are being investigated by the FBI’s counterintelligence agency. Beijing talks about a civilian research balloon that went off course. (apa)