1707358116 US kills Kataib Hezbollah commander in drone strike in Iraq

US kills Kataib Hezbollah commander in drone strike in Iraq

US kills Kataib Hezbollah commander in drone strike in Iraq

According to the Central Command, this Wednesday in Iraq, the United States killed a leader of the pro-Iranian militia Kataib Hezbollah in a drone strike in Baghdad. According to the same sources, the insurgent group's commander was responsible for attacks carried out by Kataib Hezbollah against US military positions in that country since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in October.

In Baghdad, Iraqi police have identified two victims who were hit while driving in a vehicle: Arkan al Alaywi and Baqir al Saadi, according to Efe.

This is the second US attack on Iraqi territory since it struck facilities of pro-Iranian groups in that country and Syria last weekend in retaliation for the deaths of three of its soldiers in a drone strike in Jordan that injured several . another forty, amid fears that the conflict in Gaza could spread to other parts of the Middle East. The coup coincides with Secretary of State Antony Blinken's fifth visit to the region since the start of the war in Gaza, as he seeks to pressure a temporary ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas and prepare for the day after.

The attack occurred at 9:30 a.m. Baghdad time, the Central Command statement said, ensuring that so far there was “no evidence of collateral damage or civilian casualties.” The Kataib Hezbollah leader was “directly responsible for planning and participating in attacks against US forces in the region.”

“The United States will continue to take the necessary actions to protect our own. “We will not hesitate to hold accountable anyone who threatens the security of our armed forces,” said the command responsible for U.S. forces in the Middle East.

In the first round of attacks, the Pentagon launched airstrikes with 125 precision munitions against more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has observers on the ground, 23 people guarding the facilities were killed in the first country. In the second case, according to the government, 16 people were attacked, including civilians who were near the locations.

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This Monday, Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said that more than eighty of the 85 targets were destroyed or unusable. These targets included underground ammunition depots, intelligence and command centers, and arsenals of missiles, missiles, and drones.

After these attacks, in which Washington even used bomber aircraft flying expressly from its bases in the United States, the administration of President Joe Biden had assured that there would be further retaliatory attacks at the desired time and place. But he also asserts that he neither wants to expand the conflict nor trigger a direct confrontation with Iran.

The United States has also carried out airstrikes against Houthi guerrilla positions in Yemen, also backed by Iran, to prevent attacks by those groups on ships crossing the Red Sea.

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