US military Base with US soldiers attacked in Iraq

US military: Base with US soldiers attacked in Iraq

According to US information, a military base used by US soldiers was attacked in Iraq. Iranian-backed fighters in western Iraq fired several rockets at the Ain Al-Assad base, the responsible regional command of the US military announced on the X platform (formerly Twitter) on Saturday. Several US soldiers are currently undergoing medical examinations. At least one Iraqi soldier was injured.

Most of the rockets were intercepted by the base's air defense, while others hit the base. Damage assessment is ongoing, he said.

According to US media reports, around 2,500 US troops are currently stationed in various locations in Iraq. During the Iraq War in 2003 and in subsequent years until 2011, Ain al-Assad, west of the capital Baghdad, was one of the largest US military bases in the country. The base has been attacked several times in the past by the Islamic State terrorist militia, but also by pro-Iran militias in Iraq.

In response to Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip, pro-Iranian militias have increased their attacks on US military bases in Iraq and neighboring Syria in recent weeks.