US urges American citizens to leave Russia immediately

US urges American citizens to leave Russia immediately

Summary of news

  • The US has again urged Americans living in Russia to leave the country
  • As the tension of war mounts, residents may face reprisals or even unfair arrests.
  • In addition to prisons, Americans in Russia can be denied rights and called to war
  • US officials fear their aid is limited on Russian soil

Biden backed Zelensky, fueling tensions between Russia and the US NICOLAS MAETERLINCK / BELGIAN / AFP/ GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP

The United States again this Monday (13) demanded that American citizens leave the territory of Russia “immediately” at the risk of being imprisoned.

The information comes from a statement published today on the website of the American Embassy in Moscow.

“Citizens staying in Russia or traveling to Russia must leave the country immediately. Be more careful as there is a risk of inappropriate detention,” the US mission in the Russian capital said in a warning.

Also, the statement recommended that Americans not travel to Russia “due to the unpredictable consequences of the fullscale invasion.”

In addition, the embassy warned that US citizens could be unjustly detained in Russia and that it had “limited ability” to offer them assistance if needed.

This is the second time in nearly five months that the US diplomatic mission has asked nationals to leave Russian territory.

The first took place on September 28 last year, a week after the partial mobilization ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the time, the embassy warned that Russia could refuse to recognize dual nationals as US citizens, deny them access to consular assistance and subpoena them to serve in the military.

Almost a week after the earthquake, Syria offers a desolate scenario

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake had its epicenter in Turkey, in the city of Gaziantep in the southeast of the country, crossed the border and also hit Syria hard. The country ruled by Bashar alAssad is in an 11year civil war and is already showing a high level of destruction in its cities. The earthquake has further aggravated the plight of the Syrian people who are going through heartbreaking times. In the photo above, a woman walks with a stove and a gas cylinder through the search for survivors five days after the disaster in the city of Jindayris, Aleppo province, this Saturday (11).


Local residents walk past buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Aleppo on Saturday in search of survivors.


This Friday (10th), a man rested on mattresses found on the rubble of a building in the town of Jindayris

RAMI AL SAYED/AFP 10/02/2023

Amidst the rubble, a boy carries the remains of a bicycle


Another boy rummages through the rubble of a building in search of something minimally usable in the city of Jableh, in Latakia province.

KARIM SAHIB/AFP 10/02/2023

A woman carries a baby in Jindayris, rebelheld Aleppo province


Musa Hmeidi, a sixyearold boy, was rescued from a collapsed building in Jindayris


A rescuer from the United Arab Emirates searches for survivors with a dog in the rubble of a completely destroyed building in the city of Jableh

KARIM SAHIB/AFP 10/02/2023

Rescuers known as the White Helmets are distributing medicine and food to earthquake victims in the city of Killi, Syria, this Saturday (11).


Syrian President Bashar alAssad (centre, wearing a zipup jacket) visits an earthquake survivor at Tishreen University Hospital in the city of Latakia. First Lady Asma alAssad (right) was also present.