USA 2024, Trump also wins an primaries in New Hampshire | Nikki Haley is not retiring

January 24, 2024, 11:01 am

After Iowa, the former president conquers the second state and attacks: “In November we will have a great election and we will turn this country upside down. Biden? He can’t put two words in a row.”

Photo Gallery – Republican primaries, Trump makes an encore in New Hampshire

Donald Trump makes a historic encore by winning that too Republican primaries in New Hampshire with over 50%, now almost mortgaged Nomination for the White House. His opponent Nikki HaleyHowever, he decided not to retire. “This is the most important victory because it is coming.” to Iowa“, said the former president at a rally in Nashua, emphasizing that this is a record (for Republican presidential candidates who are not in office in the modern era, editor's note) and that whoever wins the first two states , has never lost the nomination and he won't be the first. “In November we will have a great election and we will turn this country upside down,” he then attacked.

Trump: “Haley should leave the race” Trump said he was “honored” by the victory in New Hampshire and argued that the Republican Party was “very united” behind his candidacy. According to the tycoon, Nikki Haley should suspend her presidential bid. “If he doesn't go, we'll have to waste money instead of spending it against Joe Biden, which is what we're focused on,” he explained. Trump had previously said that he would never ask anyone to leave and that he didn't care if Haley continued in the race.

“Haley lost and talked like she won” “Nikki Haley lost and she gave a speech like she won,” Trump said at a rally in Nashua. “We have won three times in this state, it is a very special place for me,” he added. Haley, the tycoon then repeated, “had a very bad evening.” And he even made a threatening suggestion: “If she won the nomination, within fifteen minutes she would be under investigation for little things she doesn't want to talk about.”

“Biden can’t put two words in a row.” Trump then mocked the incumbent president: “We beat Biden, but then again, who wouldn’t beat him? He can't say two words in a row, he can't walk.” Also on stage were his former rivals Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Tim Scott (but not Ron DeSantis).

Haley: “I congratulate Trump, but the race is not over yet” Nikki Haley has no intention of giving up for now. “I want to congratulate Trump on his victory. He earned it. But the race is not over yet,” he said about the results of the New Hampshire primary. “This race is far from over, there are many more states and next is my beloved South Carolina,” said Nikki Haley. But even in the “Palmetto State,” of which she was governor twice, she is well behind the tycoon in the polls by around 30 points: If she loses in her “home state,” her race is threatened with a final end.

“Trump’s coronation would be Biden’s victory” According to Haley, “Trump’s coronation would be a victory for Biden. And South Carolina doesn’t want a coronation, it wants an election.” “We have enough time to beat Biden,” demanded the Republican candidate.

Biden campaign: “Trump almost won the nomination” Commenting on the results of the New Hampshire primary, the Biden campaign said: “Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination. Trump threatens to jeopardize democracy and ban abortions nationwide. We can’t allow that.”



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