USA training among the smallest in the world for police

“USA, training among the smallest in the world for police officers

“In America There are 37 states (out of 50, editor’s note) that allow this police officers to work – with full powers to arrest and use deadly force – before he even begins attending the academy of police“. cool Shrewberry is a former US police officer and founder of the Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform, an organization dedicated to promoting improvements in the law enforcement training system in the United States. United States. “If you’re in one of those 37 states, a police officer responding to an emergency may not have had any training,” says Shrewsberry. This is dangerous for both the citizens and the agents themselves.”

above United States There are 22,000 police departments with just as many recruitment opportunities agents. While there are central policies, each department independently sets the requirements for joining law enforcement. With the ecxeption of Hawaii (who have no minimum training standards to become a police officer), everyone condition has an organism of regulation, the Peace Officers Standards and Training, which establishes the basic requirements that must be met before a police officer can be declared qualified. These can include minimum age (18 or 21), level of education (although few conditions require a university education), compliance with the requirements of exclusion (as the recording criminal) and the number of training hours required.

“That United States – explained Shrewberry – have one of the lowest number of required training hours in the world. Notable exceptions are Iraq, theAfghanistan (where we trained their police force) and the papua New Guinea“. According to a 2013 study by the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, most countries require 2 to 4 years of training, with the United States averaging around 6 months. “The maximum duration allowed by Connecticut – says Shrewsberry – doesn’t even allow for a full year of training”.

However, the problem is not just the number of hours Training. there Training In fact, the information received often does not reflect the day-to-day work of a police officer. “Instead of focusing on how to run that investigationsfor the prevention of crime and about techniques patrolGreat emphasis is placed on agent security, resulting in i police officers to respond with violence, almost in the grip of paranoiato the perception of threatsinstead of de-escalation and evidence-based police action,” he says Shrewberry. It’s a “fear-based training” that the police officer an essentially useless state of stress. Of about a million police officersin fact less than 65 are killed every year Workplace. “In exercisewe teach them police officers that in every situation there is a high probability of being killed”, even if the risk is statistically very small. “And that leads to agents being under constant stress.”

That May 24, 2022an eighteen year old Salvador Ramosentered that Robb Elementary School Of Uvaldein Texas, and killed 19 children and two teachers. “The failure of the intervention a Uvalde It was mainly caused by the commanding officers ordering the officers to retreat rather than respond.” DIE video clips of the attack on the school and recently surfaced recordings containing more than 20 calls, including those between officers and dispatchers, reveal a chaotic law enforcement response. That information unclear and inability to deal with a situation heavy contributed to the 77-minute delay in the speech Robb Elementary School. Much, too much time wasted before intervening. And the memory goes back to the morning of April 20, 1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold they entered the Columbine school Of Littletona town in the suburbs of Denverin Coloradoand they started shooting themselves companions and teacherand then commit suicide. The number of casualties was 13 dead and 24 wounded. In this case the police officers They raided the school just two hours after the two boys committed suicide.

“From filming to Columbine school – says Shrewsberry al – the forces of law enforcement have focused heavily on the action with active shootings”. Facts about the school Denver have led to a reform of the intervention procedures provided for in similar cases, allowing the special teams to intervene even when there are hostages and shoot those responsible independently, rather than just opening negotiations, as previously established.

“But – he says Shrewberry – to Uvalde It seems that established protocols have been largely ignored and that the scene’s top executives have decided to implement their own ad hoc approach.” “Although active shooting logs have not solved all problems, – he continues – in that case they would certainly have mitigated the loss of life”. From murder George Floydkilled at Minneapolis through the agent Derek Chauvin after pressing his knee on the man’s chest for 8 minutes and suffocating him, theAmerica faced another big problem: the racism in law enforcement. “Racism exists with us system. Even if it’s not just within the policethat’s where it often starts.”

The same Shrewberry He was the protagonist of a fact that shocked him. “Years ago I helped a manager in a car accident. A black man He had crashed head-on into a concrete reservation and died on the spot. “I diverted traffic – he continues Shrewberry – when my manager, who up until that moment had been next to the victim, came to me and said: “When I got here he was alive, but he was dying. My eyes opened and closed very slowly and I felt my heart rate slow down.” So he stopped and said to me, “So I whispered in his ear, ‘Today is the day you die, nigger.’ “According to Portal Map police violenceIn 2019 alone, people of color made up 24% of that murder victim into the hands of the police, even though they make up only 13% of the US population. As reported by amnesty InternationalAbout 1,000 people are killed by police every year in the United States United States. In addition to the proliferation of weapons, then Washington needs to solve more than one problem.