UScontroversial Elian Gonzalez takes office as MP in Cuba Diario.webp

UScontroversial Elián González takes office as MP in Cuba Diario do Centro do

Elián González Photo: Reproduction

This Wednesday (19th), Elián González takes office as a deputy to the National Assembly of Cuba as one of the representatives of Cárdenas. He is known for symbolizing the polarization of USCuba relations in his childhood, 1999.

Last month, in an interview with Juventude Rebelde’s website, Elián said that he “will always have Fidel’s hand on his shoulder” as he works in the chamber. “I think Fidel would be proud,” said the current congressman.

“I know that I owe my education, the support and admiration I enjoy from the people of Cuba, including this responsibility, to Fidel. After mobilizing people for my return home and family, he gave me a responsibility: not to disappoint Cubans. So I have him to thank in part for it.”

On April 22, 2000, he was forcibly removed from his greatuncle’s home in Miami. At the time, Elián was rescued off the Florida coast after a secret ship attempting to reach US territory sank.

He survived the tragedy and was taken into the care of family members who lived in Miami, but against the wishes of his father, who lived in Havana. After months of legal wrangling between the two sides, the boy returned to Cuba, where he was personally received by Fidel Castro.

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