Used and rental vehicle prices are rising in the United

Used and rental vehicle prices are rising in the United States Cuban Directory

Inflation in the United States continues to rise despite attempts to stem it. A recent government report shows that prices rose by 0.4% in March-April, quite a high figure compared to previous periods.

According to a report by the news agency EFE, prices rose by 4.9% compared to the previous year, which corresponds to a slight decrease compared to the previous year’s increase in March. Compared to the previous period, base prices increased by 5.5%, slightly down from the 5.6% in March.

The inflation index or consumer price index (in Spanish: consumer price index or IPC) is one of the most important economic indicators in the United States. This is an instrument that measures the price of consumer goods and their evolution, and is also used to measure inflation in the economy.

Annually, the rising prices for rent, groceries and medical supplies are the main factors contributing to the monthly increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US CPI is calculated using “the average change over time in the prices that urban consumers pay for a basket of consumer goods and services.”

Where have prices gone up in the United States?

So far the monthly inflation report has been ambivalent this year and on daily consumer goods. The report released by the White House highlights that gasoline prices rose 3% in April.

In contrast, supermarket prices fell for the second straight month and used car prices rose 4.4% after nine months of decline. Rents also rose, albeit more slowly.

In contrast, airfares fell 2.6% and hotel prices fell 3% in April after four months of increases. The truth is that the wallet of the ‘ordinary’ citizen continues to be the one suffering from the inflationary crisis.