Usher reveals he almost gave up music to 39become an

Usher reveals he almost gave up music to 'become an actor'

Usher almost stopped the music!

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The singer, who headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, said that a few years ago he wondered whether the song was the right path for his career.

“I had never had a record as successful as this [l’album de 2004] Confessions, and I was wondering if I should continue with it or if I should change direction and become an actor,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The My Boo singer has previously appeared in a few films including The Faculty, Scary Movie 5, Hands Of Stone, Queens and Bad Hair. However, an invitation to a residency in Las Vegas in 2021 cemented his love of music. “I went to Las Vegas with no promises, at a time when the world was going nowhere because we were in the middle of a pandemic, and I was hoping to wake people up enough to come to Las Vegas and come with me would celebrate, he said. And it became not only the most successful moment in the history of Las Vegas, but also one of the most successful moments of my life.”

The 45-year-old singer also spoke about the pride he felt when he was asked to perform at the Super Bowl. “I was in an incredible moment because of my confidence and the fact that I didn't let anything discourage me, no matter what it looked like, no matter how it compared to previous albums,” he said. The highlight of it all is the damn Super Bowl. I am so happy and blessed.”

His 13-minute show, a medley of his hits, thrilled the audience and the tens of millions of viewers who watched him live from all over the world.