Vai na Fe Emilio Dantas says he behaved like a

Vai na Fé: Emilio Dantas says he behaved “like a Theo in life” and speaks openly about the sexist generation: "Already f…


The actor plays one of the best roles of his career

Photo: Reproduction/GloboPhoto: Reproduction/Globo

Everything promised, everything delivered! In walk in faiththe actor Emilio Dantas brings to life Theo, a villain with a biting sense of humor. In addition to insulting his wife and son, the character also makes advances towards his best friend’s wife and takes an unhealthy interest in Sol, the soap opera’s protagonist.

On Gshow’s podcast Papo de Novela, Clara’s husband’s (Regiane Alves) interpreter explains that he had a lot of fun building a bad character. “I’m having a lot of fun. Theo’s creation process, I think, started first from my side, who really wants to play, have a lot of fun, and who’s spent the pandemic watching a lot of fake people, a lot of rude people, a lot of very ignorant people,” says he .

> Photo: Reproduction/Globo

The artist, who is married to Fabiula Nascimento, says he’s been an “asshole” in the past. “His master scrotum is from the lyrics right? That doesn’t even have to mean (…) I think I’ve collected a lot. So, me too I used to be a very stupid guy. My generation is a generation that grew up in a very sexist, very asshole type system,” he adds.

“And I’ve seen and acted a lot like a Theo in life, obviously not in the proportions he presents there. But at least I managed to know where to take that place of myself. And also from everything we’re seeing again, all that ignorance, right?” he concludes.