Valentine39s Day 8 Quebec artist couples we love to see

Valentine's Day: 8 Quebec artist couples we love to see in love

Without being able to meet them in real life, there are artistic couples that we can't get enough of watching how they develop and love on social networks. Here are 8 that are easy to see in love, especially on this day of love.

Bianca Gervais and Sebastien Diaz

They've been together for a long time, have kids, done a lot of projects together and… still seem to have the same passion for each other. It's hard not to smile when witnessing the numerous declarations of love from this lovely couple, consisting of actress Bianca Gervais and presenter Sébastien Diaz.

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Marc-André Grondin

They are discreet but not secretive. So they share little moments here and there from their everyday lives as parents and actors and we like everything we see there. When two of the most talented actors of their generation form such a solid couple, we can only wish them all the luck in the world.

Katherine Levac and Chloe Robichaud

It is a joy to see the pair of mothers of twins as they seem complicit and in love. Comedian Katherine Levac is full of praise when it comes to talking about her lover, director Chloé Robichaud. We enjoy following their daily lives, sometimes glamorous but mostly pleasantly family friendly.

Roxane Bruneau and Caroline Bruneau

Singer Roxane and her lover Caroline Bruneau have been celebrating their couple's day, Valentine's Day, together for 6 years! “Time flies so fast! I love us! I'm proud of the duo we form, even if it's imperfect! Being your lover… it's a privilege! I wish us many more happy years,” Caroline wrote this morning to highlight their love.

Loud and Catherine St Laurent

The generally discreet, very fashionable couple of actress Catherine St-Laurent and rapper Loud recently impressed by posting loved-up photos in the City of Lights. Where the singer performed for the first time in his career at the Olympia in Paris and made his loved one proud, who stood in the front row to encourage him.

Sébastien Benoît and Karine Dumont

We love accompanying this beautiful couple – and this little family – on their travels around the world as well as on their sporting and culinary excursions. The host and the doctor seem to be having an incredible amount of fun between trendy outings, family moments, meeting friends, and sweet romantic moments.

Maripier Morin and Jean-Philippe Perras

They have experienced some difficulties but are still together, lovers and parents. We particularly like how the actor and the presenter multiply the sweet moments with their daughter Margot in Quebec and abroad.

Bob the Chef and Victoria Charlton

The recently married leader and true crime queen has us dreaming of travel, good food, glamorous getaways, often shared projects, and family with her dog Nanette through her photos. It's impossible not to fall under the spell of these extremely photogenic lovers.

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